finishing to Video CD

Posted by Billy Mac 
finishing to Video CD
July 18, 2001 07:38PM
<HTML>Hey everybody! I'm a first time poster, and I'm really impressed with the smart answers in this forum. Will y'all bless me with some?

I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to put high-quality video onto a Video CD. I've used toast to burn an MPEG-4 movie, and think I could put about 60 minutes of video onto one CD. But I don't need so much compression for my short projects (ie under 4 minutes). I'd like to be able to distribute the burned CD's to play in DVD players. What's the best quality I can create, and how?


Re: finishing to Video CD
July 19, 2001 01:01AM
<HTML>Hi Billy,
Have you considered SVCD?

SVCD stands for Super Video CD. A SVCD is like a VCD but the video are stored in MPEG-2 Variabel Bitrate(like DVD Movies) and in higher resolution. A SVCD can contain from about 35 to 80 minutes video/CD(740 MB on a 74 min/cd and 800 MB on 80 min/cd) and therefore most movies on 2-3 CDs. The quality is worse than DVD but better than VCD and VHS. SVCD also supports up to 4 removable subtitles but SVCD subs is only supported by a few standalone DVD Players and no software DVD Player or H+, DXR3, DXR2 supports it.

SVCDs can be played on
- Stand alone VCD/SVCD Players (common in ASiA)
- Many stand alone DVD Players, check here for compability list
- All CD-ROM/DVD-ROM can play SVCDs with a software DVD/SVCD-Player

visit for more info.

Let's ask Steve Martin, the King....Steve are you there?

Re: finishing to Video CD
July 20, 2001 11:02PM
<HTML>Howdy. here is an excellent resource to answer your VCD questions.
You VCD uses MPEG 1 and SVCD uses MPEG 2. You can fit more data on a standard VCD, (because of the smaller frame size and bit rate) but the quality in my opinion is worse than VHS when played back on a DVD player.

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Re: finishing to Video CD
June 04, 2018 10:58AM
Amazing this thread is still here! LOL
Just what I was searching for.

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