Dropped frames on export

Posted by Dougie 
Dropped frames on export
July 01, 2001 02:20PM
<HTML>I've solved many problems w/audio,renders,16x9 issues with a variety of work-arounds but I cannot work around this problem of dropped frames on export back to the camera. (It playes just fine on the canvas/timeline). Any way I try, the video on export is going to stutter, say dropping 10 frames in 5 minutes, and never in a reproducible spot. This does NOT happen during capture. Is this a fundamental problem w/ my G3 466 7200 27 gb ATA? FCP 1.25, QT5. Do I need a new computer?
All the work w/music, voice overs, renders is USELESS if I show a client
a stuttered final output!</HTML>
<HTML>It might be a result of QT 5 and 1.2.5. Did things work fine with a lower version of QT? Say 4.1.2? At least run a disk utility on your media drive to check corruption and fragmentation. Last resort might be to un-install QT 5 including the Sound manager and re install 4.1.2.

Have you also tried just playing the timeline and hitting record on your deck?

BTW, I am getting good results with the 5.02 QT release at least with 2.0. Don't know about 1.2.5 though.

Re: Dropped frames on export
July 01, 2001 02:48PM
<HTML>I'll defrag and then try the Quicktime change. I've NEVER got clean export w/FCP. (check Dave's post re SCSI vs ATA Gen. Dis. on 2-pop May 1st.)</HTML>
<HTML>That SCSI vs ATA debate has gone on since 1.0 and really has little relevance when using DV. Have you mixed down your audio before laying off? Gotta do that if you have more than 2 tracks. What are your viewer and canvas windows set at?

Mirror on desktop ON? Should be off. VM off? AppleTalk OFF? Have you looked at the Apple TIL article on dropped frames over at it's knowlegebase library?

Don't defrag while your media is on the drive. You WILL corrupt it.

You CAN export sequence as a FCP movie and bring back into timeline and try laying THAT off if this is an emergency.

Re: Dropped frames on export
July 03, 2001 09:37AM
Here's something else to check:

Export your timeline without making the movie self-contained. Then open that file in either FCP or QT Player and check its data rate. I think you'll find it's up in the 13 - 15 MB/sec. range, which might explain why it stutters on its way out to tape.

If you now re-export your timeline, while making the movie self-contained AND re-compressing all frames, you'll have a file that plays back at 3.5 MB/sec.

I do not understand why exports should have such high data rates, especially when all the elements are all DV (I have posted this question, but haven't yet heard a good answer), but I have found recompressing works.

Hope it works for you,
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