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Posted by Michael Horton 
<HTML>As many of you can tell we have lost all of the old posts in our switch over to our new host. Oh well. Be the first on your block to post to the spanking new, much faster, will only break down once every full moon, forum.

Thanks for your patience

Michael Horton</HTML>

If I'm the first to stumble in here since the "refresh", I guess I'd better post something worthwhile.

Here you go:


Don't let your clients choose you. Choose them.

Sooner or later you'll want to be paid for your work.

In the beginning, you'll probably look for any kind of client who has a valid checkbook. But early on, the smartest thing you can do is to think about what kind of clients you WANT to work for.

You'll be spending a LOT of your time (life) doing this work. If you don't control who your clients are, they'll still be affecting who YOU are.

End of story.</HTML>
<HTML>You are a poet as well as a scholar.

Re: Welcome to the new forum
June 25, 2001 08:26PM
<HTML>very true. A tough road to travel but the only way to go!</HTML>
<HTML>Bill, you are so cool!</HTML>
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