Low Res DV Capture not working

Posted by Marcus 
Low Res DV Capture not working
July 02, 2001 07:38AM
<HTML>I've been trying to do this as per the instructions on the new article page, but everytime I try to capture, my G4 just locks up. Whats going on? here's the setup. single 533, working in PAL. Sequence presets: Frame size = multimedia large, aspect ratio = square, field dom = lower, 25fps , compressor = pjpeg at 50%

capture presets: Frame size = multimedia large, digitzer=dv video, input sonydv, compressor pjpeg at 50 % , fps=25 , audio rate 44.1

i try to capture and... crash .why?</HTML>
<HTML>BTW, I have absolutely no problems capturing in the normal manner, just when I try lo res, the preview window goes all electronic fuzz, the tape rolls, nothing is caputured and I cant abort so have to restart the computer because it wont let me force quit.</HTML>
<HTML>YOu shuold contact Phil Hodgetts directly as he wrote the step by step.

go to [www.intelligentassistance.com]

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