Shot in 24p and 24pa by mistake

Posted by jon 
Shot in 24p and 24pa by mistake
May 11, 2005 06:07PM
I'm having a huge issue. I just shot 40 hours of documentary footage in 24pa (going to film). All the footage was captured from my 100a into FCP HD using the 3:2:2:3 advanced pull down menu. All was going fine until I put some footage into the timeline and it needed to rendered. I compared the clip info to the sequence info and found that my sequence was 23:98 while the problem footage was 29.97. I then checked all my captured footage in my browser and discovered that in all but 10 tapes the "vid rate" was 23.97. I checked the 10 tapes in question (the 29.97 vid rate) and found the footage was mistakenly shot in 24p mode (not 24pa)! Not good.


1 - Does the 29.97 footage have to be recaptured (it was captured in with the advanced pulldown menu)?
2 - If the footage needs to be recaptured what is the correct capture setting?
3 - Can the 24p and 24pa footage be mixed in a sequence and, of greater concern, in the film?
4 - How much different will this footage look?
5 - What should I have asked you and didn't (other than will you PLEASE HELP ME).

If you can help me out with this I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you
Re: Shot in 24p and 24pa by mistake
May 11, 2005 07:18PM
check out []

Rayn Warda wrote up a little tip to help out in these situations

SO SORRY ABOUT THE LINK it is fixed now

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David at Movies Rock in Toronto
Thank you but I need a password and username to log on to the link
Re: gave ya the wrong link by mistake
May 11, 2005 10:40PM
try again (sorry gave ya the wrong link)

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David at Movies Rock in Toronto
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