RS422 to USB for OS10.4.1 exist?
June 07, 2005 05:07PM
I've got an Sony BSP UVW-1800 deck with RS 422 out, trying to find a way to control it via USB. Used a keyspan USA-28X successfully with PowerbookG4 10.3.9, but now looking for something compatible with OS 10.4.1 on a PowerPC G5 Dual 2.7.
Belkin Tech Support was no help. Said they don't even mess with RS422.
I downloaded the Beta version of keyspan USB server 1.3 but no luck yet.
Re: RS422 to USB for OS10.4.1 exist?
June 07, 2005 05:32PM
You need a card from BlackMagic or AJA.

decklink.com or aja.com

Michael Horton
The correct driver for Keyspan USA28x is version 1.8 not 1.3. Are you saying that you can't get it to work in Tiger - or have you not tried yet? Version 1.8 has been fine for me up to 10.3.9 and I'm guessing that it will still be fine in 10.4.1. Please correct me though if I am wrong.

PS- Why are you talking to Belkin about a Keyspan product?

see: [www.keyspan.com]

Also found this at Keyspan site:

"USB to Serial Adapter and Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Compatibility:
The current 1.8 version of USB to Serial Adapter software has been tested with pre-release versions of Mac OS X 10.4. This version is expected to be compatible with the release version of Mac OS X 10.4 that will ship from Apple on April 29."

So you should be good to go with RS-422, business as usual.
I think what you saw was an incompatibility with their USB server (whatever that is) and 10.4.1 - read this:


Thanks for all the replies!...

Went to keyspan link, that's where I found...
Mac OS X 10.4 Compatible USB Server Software Available:
USB Server software version 1.3b1 is available at the following link:


Please note that version 1.3 is only compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.x-10.4.x
downloaded 1.3, went to FCP A/V settings, edit, saw many sony 422 options, all of which, when selected, said this machine does not have the required serial port.

Keyspan shows up when I look at USB config in profiler.

(BTW, I called belkin to see if they had a better solution, not about the keyspan device...)also called USBGear...haven't heard back yet.

Thanks again...still looking for a solution...

Decklink or black magic? I was looking for a sub-thousand-dollar fix.
I'm only capturing DV res. (for now)
Re: RS422 to USB for OS10.4.1 exist?
June 07, 2005 08:57PM
Uh.. a Decklink card is $295.00. Thats sub 1K to me

Michael Horton
that's $295.00 for the SDI only card...the SP card is $600.00 :~(
My point being that all I should need is a $50.00 solution. just deck control. that's it.
Thanks to all...especially Jon...finally found v1.8 and it works with 10.4.1!
Ya saved me 6 bills...you guys are great!
Actually had a problem with Keyspan working with 10.4.x - called their tech support - they walked me through their USB monitor program - reset a few things - works fine - their tech support was terrific.....updated program....everything hunky dorey!
Glad to help!

BTW- the Keyspan has been working for me for many years now but it does have the occasional hiccup (once in a long while)- sometimes the capture window reports that there is no deck attached.

The quick fix is to close the capture window and open "Audio/Video Settings"/ "Device Control Presets"/"Your Keyspan Preset" and flip the port selection to port 2 then back to port 1. Hit Ok and close the pref window. Reopen the capture window and all is good.

I don't know why this happens or why my method works but it does. I have seen this happen on three different machines with two different keyspan devices from FCP3 to FCP4.5. Maybe it's our DVCPro decks? I dunno? Anyway- just thought I fill you in on what works in case it happens to you. A minor issue, easily fixed if you know what to do.

Yeah, I've seen that same issue using keyspan control with a G4 and Cinewave capture card using BSP BVW-75 and DBC DVW-A500 as well. Thanks for the extra tips!
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