Help fcp 5 Drop Frames

Posted by spaceman 
Help fcp 5 Drop Frames
June 12, 2005 06:41PM
After creating a multiclip,
then inserting angles in the viewer (9)
when I play from TL get the dreaded message (that i've not seen in FCPhd 4.5),

"Dropped Frames"
I did all that it instructed.

Turn off Unlimited RT
Lowered Compression rate
closed open sequences (no other sequences to close)
Lowered pref for RT Audio (even though no Audio)

Can't figure out whats going on here.
System is;
OS 10.3.9
dual 2.5g G5
8g ram
2 Internal SATA Drives
1 500g G-Raid
FCP 5 resides on one Internal SATA
Clips are on G-raid (not on same drive as OS and FCP 5)

Any ideas?
or do I go back to 4.5?
Re: Help fcp 5 Drop Frames
June 12, 2005 07:18PM
Multi-Clips are multiple streams of video. I am assuming this DV content and even one SATA drive should be able to handle 6-7 DV streams, but perhaps not the G-Raid???

Anyhow, dropped frames are always about disk throuput.
Re: Help fcp 5 Drop Frames
June 12, 2005 07:58PM
This evan occurs when I move the folder containing those few clips to the other SATA.
I've also had it happan with just playthrough, no multiclip.

Never happend in 4.5, with the same system,set up etc.
Re: Help fcp 5 Drop Frames
June 12, 2005 10:34PM
I had it happen with FCP 5 and I found if I threw away prefs, repaired permissions it left.

good luck!

Re: Help fcp 5 Drop Frames
June 12, 2005 10:47PM
maybe updating to Tiger would help.

i've been getting 9 angles splaying back ok on my 1.5G powerbook.
the clips were on a LaCie FW800 drive.

oh, yes, i had problems at first, as i was only using the FW400 port, silly me.
everything weent fine when i switched over to FW800.

hope that helps,

Re: Help fcp 5 Drop Frames
June 13, 2005 07:32AM
These are DV small test clips (QT Mov files) not exceeding 10mgs each ... I've tried 4 angles Same issue...
Tried all the RT settings with all combo's with the same results.

Tried moving the clips to the other internal SATA drive where the OS and FCP 5 does not reside. same problem.

Also trashed the prefs, did a safe boot, re-built permissions so many times I lost count. same problem...

The G-Raid mentioned is FW 800 and has never shown this before.
There's plenty of room on all Drives.

The only thing I did not try that I can think of, is opening these clips in QT 7 and saving out as QT 7 files.

Re-booted in FCPHD 4.5 on an other drive (internal SATA #2 running 10.3.5), used the same clips on different streams at the same time .. NO dropped frames.
Re: Help fcp 5 Drop Frames
June 13, 2005 05:24PM
Additionally, I turn off the drop frame message box (don't show again), it works to a degree.

When the sequence is in the viewer, it doesn't play (or make changes) in the canvas...

When it in the TL, the times I can select different angles in the viewer when it's finished with the sequence, the edits or changes are in the timeline (all edited).

I thought you are suppose to be able to make angle disissions before an edit.
Re: Help fcp 5 Drop Frames
June 14, 2005 05:22AM
500g G-Raid can only handle 7 streams of DV. you are pushing it man.

Re: Help fcp 5 Drop Frames
August 10, 2005 12:55PM
Did you fix this problem yet? I got the same problem in my FCP 5. OSX Tiger, 400 GB Seagate sata. Please reply to THX
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