to go Tiger or not to go Tiger.

Posted by Loren 
to go Tiger or not to go Tiger.
June 13, 2005 05:42PM
Im curious if its worth it to upgrade to Tiger and install FCP5

or are there a lot of buggy issues?

or is it smarter to stay with Panther and install FCP5?
Greg Kozikowski
Re: to go Tiger or not to go Tiger.
June 13, 2005 06:04PM

Our plan is to bring a new machine online with all the upgrades. No splits.

It eliminates one variable. If something doesn't work, it's not because of the upgrade path because there wasn't one.

Re: to go Tiger or not to go Tiger.
June 13, 2005 06:21PM
Nick Meyers seems to have taken the plunge early - and aside from a few survivable bumps he seems to be moving forward.

There are plenty of evolutionary things to make the UG worth while in the long run but there doesn't seem to be a REVOLUTIONARY need to jump on the UG. If one of the new tweaks hits a home run for your workflow - then by all means jump on it. I think the trigger for me will be when I need Soundtrack 2 - which will be soon ( we've a yearly batch of radio spots to churn through on the horizon).

IMHO - If you're going to upset the apple cart and mess with a perfectly stable system - doing an OS upgrade at the same time as your major app is a good idea, as opposed to doing one UG , then the other several weeks later.

If you have stuff to troubleshoot - you might as well start with the full final configuration.

From what I've heard from other folks - get VERY CURIOUS BEFORE TIGER if you are running any SCSI. And a reminder - you are hanging a big kick me sign on your butt if you UG with firewire devices hooked up. DISCONNECT them before any OS instal.

Remember - always repair permissions after you are done upgrading.

Hello all

IMHO it is ALWAYS better to make a clean install of a new OS version. Never do an upgrade, it just seems easier at the beginning, but look a Soft. Engineer never can test all the implications of an already installed system which affects the new files.

You could get an instable system or one with strange 'side' effects. If you're already taking time for installing, then make a clean install.

The thing with repairing permissions is one thing I never understood. From a users viewpoint this is a nasty thing to do.

If you want a new color for your car, do you just paint over the old color or doing
it the right way, take off the old layer and then on fresh ground put the new color on? It works for both ways......but which one would be better? Right!

If you're going for Tiger, then install Final Cut Studio. I'm sure they are both designed best for each other.

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