Outputting a Quicktime Movie with Timeline Timecode

Posted by Jesse G. 
Hey everyone, I'm working on a full length feature and am currently exporting the Quicktime movie in order to process out through DVD Studio Pro... I was wondering if there was a way to get a seamless, full timeline imecode to be in view at all times so the director can make timeline specific notes... I've tried the Filters--->Timecode generator, however it only allows me to see the timecode of that individual clip by its source media timecodes... Not a final timeline generated one... Any help would be greatly appreciated..


Jesse Gullion
Did you use TC-generator or TC-reader?
what I have done in the past:
apply the time code generator to one clip, position the window burn where desired
then copy atributes/filters
go back to your clip and DELETE the Time code generator filter from the clip
note that you have copied the attribute.
then proceed to nest your sequence... better yet copy your sequence onto a new sequence and call it nested picture with timecode generator.
in your new sequence paste the attibute you copied from that clip
and voila!
there is your window burn.

Carmen Del Toro
Re: Outputting a Quicktime Movie with Timeline Timecode
June 14, 2005 08:20PM
Yeah, basically what Carmen said. You just need to apply a TC filter to a nested version of your sequence. If you want to adjust the filter properties on the nest, just highlight the nest and hit return (if you double-click it, it will open the nested clip as a sequence in the timeline, as opposed to opening it in the viewer.)

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