OT: Should we force registration for the forums?

Posted by Michael Horton 
OT: Should we force registration for the forums?
June 14, 2005 03:18PM
Due to recent spamming of these forums (which is very rare by the way) I wonder if lafcpug should force folks to register/log in in order to post on these forums. Right now registration is optional.

Obviously this is no big deal for those of you already registered, but I'd like to hear from those who are not as well as those who are. It seems most forums require registration but I wonder how much a hit in traffic this will make if we suddenly force long time posters and new posters to register, and is registration a big deal to anyone. What are pros and cons here?

Michael Horton
Because of the spamming I vote to have registration, I hate it but I hate the spam more.

my 2 pennys,


I've been frequenting the forums for ages, and due to sheer laziness have not registered. I think I'll get my self together and do it finally. Spam is bad, let's do ourselves a favour.

LAFCPUG is king

One of the most special things that I have loved about this forum was the freedom we hve and the fact we did not have to register. Please don't get me wrong I am against spam, but one of the biggest reasons I still read this forum over any other is that I do not have to register and go threw some special login it is very easy to use and IM not sure why I just hate all that extra stuff I truly do.

Just my feelings.

I for one and the company I work for LOVE THIS SITE just the way it is.

In Portugal we say: "Paga o justo pelo pecador" wich means "The good guy pays the punishment for the sinner"
This forum wich i´m proud to belong, has 99,99% of good people always sharing and helping among each other. I don't believe that the 0,000001 % spammer is stronger. LAFCPUG is open to the FCP community and it should be keep has it is.
Anyway if more closed mesures must be considered i will give my full support.
Sorry about the bad english.

Re: OT: Should we force registration for the forums?
June 14, 2005 04:17PM
You'd still be able to read, just not post

Michael Horton
I consider it a very minor inconvenience to be registered, Mike. I causes me no heartburn since the log-in is automatic on both my Wintel & MAC machines. It's a small price to pay. (I wasn't aware that you could actually post on this board without registering.)

My .02

All spammers should rot and burn in hell....

did I say that out loud?

If registration keeps em away, I'm all for it. Would that it were that simple on my email!
Please no registration!

Mike, not sure how bad the spam problem is (doesn't seem to be one in this discussion group except for one recent bit of nonsense post)

- but we have so many passwords and loggins as it is - it's a pleasure to not have that here.

When someone sends a NYTIMES article to read and sends a link - I click on the link and then it's "sign in please" - and i have to look around for whatever name and password I had - and half the time it's case sensitive and I usually just say - hey not worth reading and move on...or better yet - just search the article on google and get in through the backdoor without a sign in

All a needless waste of time...

If there's a way to have the site remember you each time with a cookie - great - then it's not so bad.

Re: OT: Should we force registration for the forums?
June 14, 2005 06:33PM
Once you log in for first time it remembers you - unless you log out, - then you need to sign in again.

Michael Horton
I think that's pretty standard for most forums. Is this due to the miracle of "cookies"? Actually it is easier 'cause when you do post, your name is already filled out. It's nothing like the NYT where you gotta sign in each time.

The NYT uses cookies as well -- I never have to log-in..it's automatic.

Re: OT: Should we force registration for the forums?
June 14, 2005 07:45PM
Maybe it's because I'm on a different timezone but I haven't seen a lot of spam - I've removed one, but that's it.

I like the login being optional. I agree that it's less hassle and less threatening to people if they don't have to provide (bogus?) details when they are about to ask a question or give an answer. Feels more like a free, open discussion and less like a closed, private group.

However, if it helped make running the forum easier, then I think it's a small price to pay.
Re: OT: Should we force registration for the forums?
June 14, 2005 07:47PM
Do it, Mike - force registration. I am sure you won't get any arguments from the faithful here. The forums all over are getting spammed. Locking them out is the best way to prevent it.

I never liked spam tongue sticking out smiley

- Joey

When life gives you dilemmas...make dilemmanade.

I don't know how many have had the experience I had with 2-pop. It never recognised my log in even after registering the third time using different user name & passward when it became clear it wasn't working.

It's sad to have info that can help a poster but not be able to log in to offer the help. I still visit 2-pop daily but gave up in dipair overr the rregistrration.

> All spammers should rot and burn in hell....

No arguments from me, Bill.

My loyalties are split -- on one hand, I hate spammers. (Vioxx!? What the f**k?) On the other, I've also had log-in problems with registering on sites, and I'm reluctant to have to remember and record down yet another username and password.

Michael, what do you say we meet halfway -- if the spamming gets really out of hand, force registration? It doesn't seem too bad right now, just that Vioxx thing twice in two days.

Hackers, telemarketers, junk-mailers and spammers should all be flayed. Grrr. Issues.
Re: OT: Should we force registration for the forums?
June 14, 2005 08:50PM

I can help you with 2-pop I'm the admin over there. Write me offline

Michael Horton
Just an aside for those people who mentioned being annoyed at NYTimes "registration required" links...

If youre savvy enough to be using Firefox, you can install the "BugMeNot" extension, which will automatically fill-in login/passwords on sites that bug you to register in order to access certain content (it connects to a user-contributed database of logins/passwords and will cycle through them if a certain login/passwd combo no longer works). A brilliant invention, I must say.

For those of you who are Firefox-challenged, you can also use a "bookmarklet" that you place in your browser's bookmark bar that will work in a similar way--although nowhere near as elegant and seamless as it it in Firefox

I dislike remembering passwords (my brain reached maximum capacity eons ago - not to mention the light speed loss of brain cells), the hassle of logging in would never stop me from coming here.

Re: OT: Should we force registration for the forums?
June 14, 2005 11:14PM
Remember all. Once you register and Log In you never have to Log In again unless you Log Out

Michael Horton
If I were you, I'd just do it for the marketing info.
To be a total capitalist is not wrong.
After all, you're in LA.

Most biz people would salivate at the list you could collect.

However, I AM evil.
Please no registration here...

I don't think a couple of spam msgs are enough to make you lock the door. You can always institute required registration later if the situation deteriorates.

BTW, I second Dave's comments in re: 2-pop. My 2-pop login doesn't stick either.


PS This is my favorite forum too. Class acts all around. 8^)
On the lines of Gunner I don't know why but it will feel more like a capitalist set up and the beauty of this site so far is you can see and tell that it is not. You can see the genuine generosity and help that people are willing to give.

If you do have a login will you have a service charge in the future?
Re: OT: Should we force registration for the forums?
June 15, 2005 12:30AM
Sandra wrote:

> If you do have a login will you have a service charge in the
> future?

Can you point me to one forum on the internet that charges to post?

Michael Horton
Re: OT: Should we force registration for the forums?
June 15, 2005 12:31AM
Mike -
I prefer no mandatory login. My spam threshhold has not been violated yet - close but not yet. I thought the viagra was a public service notice for us aging old goats.

I don't feel strongly enough about it to outweigh your connivence. You do enough so you get to implement whatever makes your life easier without a complaint from me.

If you use the same machines - this forum is easy and automatic. The cookie is easy to manage and clearly identified. The joy ends when you start using a variety of machines. Then you need to remember your user name and pw.

Is there such a thing as a usb key portable "id" that would deal with cookies and pw's?

Re: OT: Should we force registration for the forums?
June 15, 2005 01:52AM
I'm new here and just registered. Great site, btw. There's benefits to registering. So far I've figured out you can edit your posts and you can have responses to threads you participate in emailed to you. To me, that's worth registering. You don't have to give out a bunch of personal information if you don't want to either. Plus, you can just have it set to auto-login when you come to the site. Very simple and works great for me using Safari on this site and 2-pop.

The bane of all existence: spam and phone solicitors... door-to-door solicitors are pretty much up there, too. My 2 cents.

Re: OT: Should we force registration for the forums?
June 15, 2005 08:45AM
i prefer no mandatory login, too, im affraid.

Mike you must be very quick off the mark, blowing that spam away, as i havent seen any yet.
as you know i;ve been out of action a little latley, so maybe i missed it.
but with round the world / round the clock moderators, i think we can keep the streets clean.


Hi, I must admit, I'm a lazy git. I feel that LAFCPUG is fantastic just the way it is. Just being able to visit, ask questions freely, gives me a '60's & 70's feel, ok, call me an old hippie, but there it is.

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