Saving color corrector settings?

Posted by dan chapman 

I'm just starting a color correction across 4 or five clips. After adjusting for a while, I'm happy with the settings on the Color corrector 3-way filter for one of the clips. I can't find a "save settings" function.

How can I use the same settings for the four other clips?
Re: Saving color corrector settings?
July 23, 2005 11:10PM
Two ways:

1. Select the other four clips and press OPTION-APPLE-V (Remove Attributes). Check "Filters" and this will remove the current settings from those clips. Now select the clip you like and press APPLE-C to copy it. Select the other four clips again and press OPTION-V (Paste Attributes). Check "Filters". The filters on the clip you copied will now appear on all the other four clips.

2. Make a bin in your Browser. Select the filters on the clip you like and drag them all into the new bin. To apply the settings to any clip, drag the whole bin from your Browser and drop it onto any clip you want them on.
Great! Thanks a lot. I'll try it.
And if you want to apply a favorite effect or effects to a bunch of clips from the browser, select all the clips you want to effect in the timeline with either lasso, or track tool, or clicking on individual clips. Then drag your bin, or favorite effect onto any ONE of the selected clips in the timeline, and it'll apply the effect to ALL the selected clips.

Re: Saving color corrector settings?
July 24, 2005 06:21PM
easiest, fastest way to apply to all:

you've got the clip open in the viewer, and you've been tweaking the filter.
when you like it,
go back to the timeline, select all,
then drag the filter from the viewer to the timeline clips.

now it's in all the clips, INCLUDING a second one in the open clip.
so just delete that.

saving the filter either as a favourite, or to a new "FX" bin in your browser will allow you to be more controlled with your use of it.


Very cool.

Just finished my musicvid color correction.
Tried all suggestions and worked like a charm.

Some things are just not easy to find in the manual.

There is yet another way to move color corrector settings forward: below the "numeric" button on the color correcter tab, there are four choices for copying. Those arrows on the left copy the settings from one or two clips back, or those on the right move the current settings one or two clips forward. There is, in the middle of these, a "drag filter" button, which allows just that when pressed... current settings to any other clip.
I like using these when I have clips that are "gray card" similar or when I have FX settings which override the lighting changes. Otherwise, there are usually too many lighting differences to allow one setting to work on another without careful individual inspection.

Re: Saving color corrector settings?
July 26, 2005 06:14PM
good call, frank.

these might not be so useful on a music video.
but are brilliant in an interview situation, or any scene that's cutting back and forth between 2 shots.
even if it;s only a series of 5 similar shots, using these buttons or keystrokes (You can program them as keystrokes) will save you time and mouse moves.

i found the copy FROM functions the best.
that way i would park on the new, unguarded, shot,
hit the copy from 1 back, or copy from 2 back keys,
and then be able to SEE the filters take effect.


Nice to know yet another alternate way of doing things, though in cases like multi-camera scenes where each angle requires its own filter set, I'd probably put each angle on a separate video track, then use the single-track-forward tool to Paste Attribute one set of correction filters. Faster. Prone to mistakes if you're not careful, but much fewer steps.
Re: Saving color corrector settings?
July 27, 2005 06:03AM
each angle has a unique name, the name of the clip,
so simpler perhaps would be to establish a grade for each angle.
then do a timeline search for that clip's name.
do a "find all" which will select all instance of that clip,
then drag the filter from the clip in the viewer, or some saved location, to all the selected timeline clips.

FCP's good like that.
there's always a lot of possible approaches.


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