Artifacts, why do I get them?
September 10, 2005 12:35PM
First time for me in this forum. And I really would like some help.

When I stack filters in FCP 5 I get ugly artifacts on my footage. (rendered in After Effects)
Everything is set to full quality and when I do a digibeta master the artifacts is still there... The footage has a grey scale ramp made in after effects and it´s in the ramp the artifacts are showing. It looks great without filters but since I want to do some color correcting and broadcast safeing, the "uglyness" is starting to show.

I have tried the 32 bit render option but it doesn´t make any difference.
Since the 32 bit rendering causes other strange artifacts when using text, I have to use the 8 bit anyway but thats a different matter.
Right now I can´t master my digibeta without artifacts, hence I can´t send the comercial for broadcast...


Greg Kozikowski
Re: Artifacts, why do I get them?
September 10, 2005 04:23PM

You didn't say that you were capturing and preparing video uncompressed.

If you try to prepare shows in DV, then there is a limit to the effects you can do because of the 5:1 compression that DV has. The video starts out with artifacts and because of multiple compressions and decompressions, you're making them worse.

Re: Artifacts, why do I get them?
September 11, 2005 05:56AM
Well it´s not dv footage is derives from Beta SP.
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