XL2 16:9 DV codec?

Posted by Jamie Jewett 
XL2 16:9 DV codec?
September 13, 2005 07:32PM
Greetings All

a 'how things work' question...

I am working on a project that will be shot on an XL2 and I am wondering about shooting 16:9... On my VX2000 if you shoot 16:9 you are actually sacrificing resolution as the camera only uses part of the CCD capability. With the XL2 the camera uses the CCDs differently - so if you shoot 16:9 you are supposedly ending up with an image that is 960:480 instead of 720:480 but what happens when this is sent to tape? Isn't it still compressed to the DV codec and thus a 720:480 image? or is there a way to import (and I guess "save to tape" when shooting) where you are actually getting the greater resolution?

I got my CCD usage information from:


any one have some info on this?

thanks and best to ya
Re: XL2 16:9 DV codec?
September 13, 2005 07:52PM
It is recorded to tape anamorphically. Stretched. When you capture it you simply inform the computer this is anamorphic footage and it will format it to the proper frame size.

it is not compressed on the tape.
Re: XL2 16:9 DV codec?
September 13, 2005 08:00PM

does that mean that the foootage is still 720:480 and not the 960:480 reported - ie do you end up with a better image if you use the 4:3 and go to 16:9 in post or should you shoot in 16:9

so when you capture to FCP and tell it that the footage is animorphic, FCP stretches it so you ann see it properly... right?

Re: XL2 16:9 DV codec?
September 13, 2005 09:27PM
The XL2 has 16:9 CCDs...a 960x480 image is recorded on the dv tape. Your end up with a PROPER and TRUE 16x9 image.

When you capture it in FCP and tag it as anamorphic, it formats it properly to fit your screen.
Re: XL2 16:9 DV codec?
September 13, 2005 09:57PM
you are sorta right Shane

you still have a 720x480 image but it has a pixel aspect ratio of 1.2 rather then 0.9

this is SIMILAR to shooting 960x480 but not the same (but NOT bad)

this is the best way to get widescreen you are captuing a wider image rather then cropping top and bottom which is how many cheaper cameras do it (and how applying a matte in post)

IF your camera (and your is one of the cameras) has "16x9 chips" (PDx10 is another) and you want wide screen USE THE 16x9 mode IN CAMERA rather then cropping it in post

as for editing it just check the anamorphic box and FCP will stretch it properly

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David at Movies Rock in Toronto
Re: XL2 16:9 DV codec?
September 14, 2005 08:38AM
thanks for the help!
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