white pixelating during print to video

Posted by Augusta 
white pixelating during print to video
September 22, 2005 02:12PM
Hey kids--I was just printing some short (3-12min) edited sequences to tape (mac G4 powerbook, western digital external, sony dcr-pc mini dv camera).

It WAS working fine, but this morning, when I tried to print to video, I get big white pixles flickering on the screen.
Now, this has happened before, and I can usually run Disc Doctor, restart, jiggle the cables, and it rights itself.
But that's not happening now. I tried switiching cables to the camera, changed out for another Sony miniDV camera (dcr-25).

Anyone else encounter this--and what is the proper way to fix it?


I can't edit to tape, or even hit record while the timeline is playing back without this pixelating.
When I play it back, although the image seems fine, the audio has dropouts.
HMMMM your using your output deck as the camera?

try these things not in any order but things i would look for...

1. youve checked your cables? firwire?{ no bends- kinks?}
2.output to quicktime and check the file..any flickering?
3. double check project settings with frame rates?
4. do a quick test of about 20secs - apply efffect upper field dominance and output-
5.turn offf mirror on desktop?
6. trash prefs . zap pram...

hopefully you wil find something-

another quick fix is skip the "print to video" and just crash record- ie.. press record on camera then play sequence....

hope it helps- adrok

Thanks--I'll give all those a shot.
The weird part is, I can capture no problem, just outputting is an issue.
Anonymous User
Re: white pixelating during print to video
September 22, 2005 06:00PM
Might also try trashing the quicktime plist file or re-installing QT

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