FCP Rendering and Combustion

Posted by Nuno Silva 
FCP Rendering and Combustion
September 22, 2005 04:03PM
Hi there,
I am thinking of purchasing FCP Express for a small job i have next week, two questions guys, i am using a powerboog G4 and will have a 250 GB external hard drive, will i have any problems with rendering the project, which is a short movie with this set up?
Other thing as well is regarding Combustion, the project was taken to someone else before and they used combustion on the project which i will not possess, will i be able to render everything including what was done in combustion without having a copy of that software with no problems?
Thank you guys for your help, i am new in this and i am not sure if FCP express can do everything i need.
Re: FCP Rendering and Combustion
September 22, 2005 04:06PM
ok, the biggest drawbacks to using FCP(E) on a powerbook are rendering, compositing and exporting. a powerbook will do it just fine, it will just take a very, VERY long time. how long is your movie?

and as far as the combustion part goes, it shouldnt really matter, worst thing is you may have to render it on your FC timeline.

what kind and brand external drive have you?
Re: FCP Rendering and Combustion
September 22, 2005 05:45PM
NUNO, PLEASE respond to threads in the forum link , NOT In private emails. otherwise other people wont be able to benefit from the info shared in the conversation.

an im not really sure what you mean when you ask..."Will I be able to render it into a DVD without DVD Motion from FCP and use
something like the Imovie HD that comes with the laptop so that I can have a
final DVD to take away?"...

im very confused by your question???
Re: FCP Rendering and Combustion
September 22, 2005 05:54PM
Hi Wayne, sorry i didn't meant to, i just got your email first on my private email and just replied to it, won't happen again.
in regards to my question what i want to know is if i will be bale to record a dvd only with fcp and the Imovie form apple after the job is done.
Thank you again and sorry for the misteke form previously.
Re: FCP Rendering and Combustion
September 22, 2005 05:59PM
yeah, thats cool - no worry - that happens here quite often - remember to respond, click the link...

and to answer your question, no. you will need some kind of dvd authoring software. there are about a million ways to do this but to me, the easiest is to use for a new user is idvd, which probably came with your computer
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