NOW Shipping~! The CalDigit VR mini, 2 bay Quadruple interface RAID

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NOW Shipping~! The CalDigit VR mini, 2 bay Quadruple interface RAID
July 02, 2009 06:23PM
The CalDigit VR mini 2.5? is the NEW DEFACTO standard for tapeless in the field workflows!
It?s BUS Powered! (No external power required).

There?s simply no equal.

The CalDigit VR mini is packed full of features that you can't find in other 2 drive arrays.

Product Page:

Serious Storage

Fast, Reliable, Flexible

The VR mini packs a ton of performance into a small package, making it a truly portable solution.

Available Capacities
640GB, 1TB, in a 2 drive product.

Only the 1TB with 2 X 500GB drives is shipping initially. 1TB is $699 MSRP

Hardware RAID with Quadruple Interface
Hardware RAID support for RAID 0, 1, and JBOD provides maximum flexibility. Hardware RAID provides an independent CPU and dedicated cache memory to manage the RAID volume. This dedicated process eliminates additional strain from host system's CPU, allowing applications full access. Software RAID systems rely on the host CPU and RAM which can slow down applications by taxing the workstation's CPU. Additionally the quadruple interface supports USB 2.0, FireWire 400, FireWire 800 and eSATA, making the CalDigit VR mini extremely versatile.

Modular Design
The CalDigit VR mini has two hot swappable drive modules, allowing for easy replacement and expansion. This added flexibility makes it easy to archive data. Instead of storing an entire enclosure, with the CalDigit VR mini only the drive modules need to be stored.

The CalDigit VR mini can reach speeds up to 170MB/s in RAID 0, and 85MB/s with RAID 1 protection (with the internal eSATA connection on a MacPro). These high speeds allow for the most demanding tasks, like video editing.

RAID 1 provides the ultimate in protection and backup for valuable data, by mirroring data on both drives. If a drive fails all data can be restored. Used as a backup solution, the CalDigit VR mini will ensure added confidence with this data redundancy. RAID 1 provides the ultimate solution for Time Machine or other back up software.

Made from quality components the CalDigit VR mini is designed to last, and comes with CalDigit's industry leading 1 year warranty and knowledgeable tech support. CalDigit builds and manufactures all major components used in the CalDigit VR mini and uses only quality hard drives from the leading manufactures.

An advanced environmental monitor provides detailed information about temperature, and hard drive health, so you are always in the know. This data is extremely important, especially when using the CalDigit VR mini in the field. This information is available through the LCD or CalDigit VR mini software.

The sleek and sexy design is as functional as it is good looking. A front side power button makes powering the unit on and off a breeze, and the all aluminum enclosure provides additional heat dissipation. The mesh aluminum design matches with many of today's popular workstations and the orange back lit LCD is easy on they eyes.

Cool & Quiet
The CalDigit VR mini is designed with an all aluminum enclosure to assist with heat dissipation. Heat can cause damage to hard drives, and fans can add unwanted noise. CalDigit VR mini takes advantage of the latest technology, ensuring both a cool and quiet experience.

The CalDigit VR mini comes with advanced software that provides easy management, monitoring, diagnostic reports, email notifications, and firmware update capabilities. This provides users with interactive assurance. This easy to use software is the command center for the CalDigit VR mini which allows users to update the firmware. Other two drive arrays lack this important capability, which allows for additional features as well as bug fixes.

Visual Aid
The easy to read orange back lit LCD provides valuable data and added confidence that's just a glance away. Additionally LED status lights provide a visual representation of the CalDigit VR mini operation. As if that's not enough an audible alert can also be set.

The CalDigit VR mini includes a security lock, perfect for educational institutions, trade shows or any situation where the the drive needs to be physically locked in place. Additionally Locking drive modules ensure that the drives don't get removed by accident. For sensitive data, the CalDigit VR mini software provides password protection against unauthorized changes.

In the Box
The CalDigit VR mini has everything you need in the box.

2. (Two) CalDigit drive modules, (inside the CalDigit VR mini).
3. (One) FireWire 800 cable
4. (One) FireWire 400 cable
5. (One) eSATA cable
6. Quick Installation Guide
7. CalDigit VR RAID Tool CD
8. (One) Power supply kit

This is the perfect storage device for Panasonic P2 workflows and other tapeless media workflows.
Perfect for Audio Applications, Photographers and anyone doing content creation.
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