FCS Maintenance Pack 1.2
January 21, 2010 06:02AM
We've just released FCS Maintenance Pack 1.2, a significant update to FCS Maintenance Pack.

There are far too many tweaks, bug fixes and optimizations to mention in detail but here's a summary of some of the biggest changes.

Three new tools
* QT Repair repairs QuickTime movies and is intended as an alternative to the heavy-handed approach of using File Salvage to extract data to a new file. It can also repair invalid CLUT IDs that can corrupt movie clips created with older versions of QuickTime and optionally restore trimmed or edited media if you make an edit that you regret (providing the media is still within the file).
For more heavily damaged files, it can rebuild the clip by combining the movie data of the damaged file with the QuickTime structure of a working file.

* Path Manager provides a central place to manage Final Cut Studio content and user paths. It replaces Content Manager and offers extra options such as mass path organization, path locking and syncing, and more.

* XML Repair verifies and repairs Final Cut Pro XML files. Can also convert between Final Cut Pro XMEML versions for compatibility with older versions of Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Express support
FCS Maintenance Pack now supports Final Cut Express 4.

Redesigned File Salvage
File Salvage has been redesigned with a focus on batch processing. Multiple files can now be salvaged sequentially - saving a lot of time if you have a large number of files to process.

It also supports significantly more formats than the previous version, including DVCPRO HD and all flavors of ProRes. Audio support has been added for several file formats and you can specify custom frame sizes and frame rates for formats where these parameters are variable.

One very useful new feature is the ability to read information from a working QuickTime file with the same encoding settings (captured with the same camera or exported with the same Compressor preset for instance) and apply these settings to the corrupt clips in the batch. This is very useful if you can't remember the exact codec or frame size, for example.

Crash Analyzer now supports all Final Cut Studio apps
Crash Analyzer is no longer limited to Final Cut Pro support but can now analyze crash logs from Final Cut Express and all applications in Final Cut Studio.

This is, of course, in addition to the usual updates to crash definitions. Crash Analyzer now supports over 60 different categories of crashes (yes, FCS really is that unstable).

Full list of applications in the pack
Autosave Cleaner
Compressor Repair
Corrupt Clip Finder
Crash Analyzer
FCS Housekeeper
FCS Remover
File Salvage
Path Manager
Plugin Manager
Preference Manager
Project Repair
QT Repair
System Toolkit
Task Scheduler
XML Repair

For more details on the applications in the pack, please see the user manual.

Users of previous versions of FCS Maintenance Pack will have to install the update manually. This is to ensure that all users have the recent software updater components on their system which will allow future updates to progress smoothly.

FCS Maintenance Pack is available for $129 and a 15-day trial is available here.

Many of the improvements in FCS Maintenance Pack 1.2 are a direct result of user feedback. We're always keen to hear from people and find out what works well and what doesn't. Just use the Report Bug or Suggest Feature links in the apps themselves, contact us or message us on Twitter.
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