Selling 120k/yr (Cleveland, Ohio Based) Drone Company - Fully Licensed
December 18, 2015 10:08PM
Just wanted to reach out to you, to let you know I am selling everything in order to lateral into another business. We have an editing and drone videography business that pulls in about 120,000 USD a year, and could easily take it even further. We are a talented and experienced videography outfit, and have done well over the last few years, the management shall stay on board as part of the sale, or open to work as part of an existing team for awhile.

This package deal includes the business and domain name (if desired), access to my client database (I will include a newsletter blast introducing and recommending you as the new owner of the business as part of the deal), and my inventory.

The current inventory includes the following:

Equipment List
+(1) DJI S1000+ with high profile Pelican Case
+(1) DJI Inspire 1
+(2) ZeroTech Highone Heavy Lifters
+(2) Panasonic GH4
+(2) top line olympus lenses (models I have but don’t know. I know the lenses cost 1k each)
+(3) DJI Vision 2 +
+ Full FAA License for all drones in Operation.


Number of recurring clients: 60-100
Client Profile:
1.Many real estate firms
2.Golf Courses
3. Small film crews
4. Surveying companies. We have some software that takes pictures from the drone and does mapping of the landscape.

High Profile Client List:
1. +We have a nice relationship with Russell Crowe’s new media company out of sydney. We are doing a big movie for them starting March 31st, 2016.
2. LiPo Batteries - An exclusive battery relationship for LiPO batteries out of china.
3. Clum Media

-Rent at office -$200/month
-Internet at office - $100/month
-Quickbooks and random software licenses - $200/month
-All in our burn rate is quite low.

+Media Editor
+A few guys to help the operator do jobs when we are slammed
+All Management is willing to stay on board.

+This company runs currently as fully autonomous. I only speak with them when they need some input and so forth with taxes and such.
+The company is self sustaining. Most employees operate on a rev-share agreement of 40% so when the company wins they do too. 60% is my client’s take which just goes into the bank to pay bills.
The company is entire self sufficient at this time.

For Pricing, Financials, or other sensitive information. Send me an email to Lion, at, or via Skype at leoslaw2

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