A couple of videos

Posted by camshaft 
A couple of videos
September 06, 2006 06:03PM
Since I received so much invaluable help from this Forum when I was setting up my home edit bay and learning FCP, I'd like to share a couple of personal videos with you all.

These were the result of doing a shake down on the edit equipment, and getting used to my new camera and gear.

"A Little Surfing" was the end of the big swell at the beginning of this year, using a Panny DVX100 shot on progressive. Grabbed a few guys coming out of the water to get their reactions. Didn't have a shotgun mic or polorizer filter then.

"A Little Skateboarding" was a mix of older 8mm with newer DV footage with my son talking about his favorite sport. I used the Panny as main camera, and a Panasonic PGS250 (my home video camera) as the second for the interview.

Thanks for having a look!


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Cameron Young
Re: A couple of videos
September 06, 2006 10:22PM
Good camera work Cam. Really liked the skateboard video. Hope your son got a sponsor from that. Great use of the split screen.

Michael Horton
Re: A couple of videos
September 06, 2006 10:36PM
Hey Cam - I watched the skateboard one too - it took a very long time to download. I think a lot of people wouldn't wait that long. Can you compress it some more? Maybe drop the frame rate or something?

I really liked the storytelling though, and I loved the washed out from colour to B&W and scratched effect in the section after he talks about his very first board. What's the recipe for that? Is it Nattress?
Re: A couple of videos
September 07, 2006 01:08AM
<<<Can you compress it some more?>>>

Or find a new server. I never did make it to a full download and I have very respectable DSL.

I'll try again later.

Re: A couple of videos
September 07, 2006 03:12AM
yeah. really good work!

the surfing into showed a nice use of editing to the beat, really got me involved. but like i said on another guys race car post up the list - id like to hear a very slight bit of nat sound woven in here and there - even if its not the sound from the actual scene that was shot. to me, straight music over video can often create a dissconect of sorts... if even a couple of scense have a burst of nat sound, it weaves a better story. and you did that to a degree with the interviews.

tastefull effects on the skating vid, real nice pacing as well - cool to see a kind trying kick-flips!

nice work all round!
Re: A couple of videos
September 07, 2006 03:16AM
oh, and if you'll just select the "fast start" option when you export your movie, everyone wont have to wait 3 or more min for the clip to download. maybe you have and its the fault of the .mac server...?

oh well, just thought id throw that out there...
Re: A couple of videos
September 07, 2006 03:55PM
Thanks all for the reax! A nice way to wake up and have coffee.

<<<Can you compress it some more?>>>

I did play around with the various formats, but when I got it to a point where it would play out faster, then the 2 frame edits, slo-mos, and some of the filter fx would go south on me. So, I opted for people taking the time to check their emails while the videos load up.

<<< id like to hear a very slight bit of nat sound>>>

I agree. Nats are so much more interesting than wall to wall music. I made a choice at the moment, and after some time away, now see it could use another audio dimension. I spent some time searching out music and getting permission, and probably fell in love with the songs a little TOO much.

As far as the film effects, all credit goes to Nattress. His plug ins are solid gold and worth every penny. Many thanks to you, Graeme!

Cameron Young
Re: A couple of videos
September 08, 2006 12:43AM
Sink or swim. He took a deep, cautious breath and continued on his way. As a viewer I'd swear each surfer was dancing to your tune--really communicates!!

Skateboarding is not part of some huge public relations conspiracy, but this kid is telling the truth leading the way for other kids to do their own checklists and have someone as talented as you shoot moments like this.

Thank you so much. These should be submitted to the school systems. They are required each Fall to buy new product for education and enlightenment.
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