Interview done 30 years later

Posted by kevin 
Interview done 30 years later
September 16, 2006 01:42PM
Here's a portion of a series of interviews I did about 2 films that were made between 1976 and 1980. The actors were all amatuers, as were the sound guys, cameraman, etc. Scenes were set but totally improvised. The idea was to allow the "actors" to explore and express different parts of themselves and their character. It was funded by Unarius Educactional Foundation and just recently someone suggested we do a follow up with some of the participants and see what it meant now looking back at the experience 30 years later.

This was filmed in HDV on a sony Z1 in front of a greenscreen. I used dv matte blast for the keying. All the background footage was dv uprezed to hdv using compressor. You need a fast connection to view this without waiting for a while.

Re: Interview done 30 years later
September 17, 2006 09:34PM
Hey Kevin - a really interesting idea. I was left wanting to see more, which is always the most impressive thing to do.

One thing that I didn't like so much was that I couldn't really see what was going on in the background a lot of the time. The interviewee was covering the action going on, and I really wanted to be able to see both. Could you maybe have rigged it so that you could see the old film in a box next to the i/v'er, like a news box or something? It wasn't so bad when the pics were the planets or other landscapes, just when I was trying to see the emotion on the actors face at the same time as he was talking about how he felt.

Otherwise, excellent. Where will the whole thing be shown?
Re: Interview done 30 years later
September 18, 2006 12:14AM
Thanx Jude!

Premier will be in San Diego in October. I don't where else yet. Yea, the covering over I was aware of and I used the style you wrote about in different areas. The dvd set will be sold with the originals and to an extent its a very limited audience, most are very familiar with the original, that is one reason I felt it was "ok" to cover some of the old footage. I also intersperce (sp?) some of the original stuff through out the video to let viewers see some of the original footage.

To be honest I'm a complete amatuer and this was a labor of love. I just wanted to post to get some objective and different feedback to what I've edited. The non profit this was done for has a video dept. and I'm it. So many times I hear opinions that don't have any basis other than "I know what I like".

Thanx again,

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