The Thrilla in Manilla - AVC on the go

Posted by J.Corbett 
The Thrilla in Manilla - AVC on the go
June 19, 2010 12:30AM
Just getting back from Manilla.

Just wanted to tell you guys how well my little set-up performed.

2x - 15 inch MBP 2.5 / ram 4g - otherwise all stock
2x - HMC150 w/hard cases
2x - Smart disk FW drives 500gigs
1x - Home made steady cam
2x - gitzo mono and 2 fluid head tripods
14x - 16gig sdhc class6

For the editing portion, i had fcs2 and clipwrap (didn't use it but once) Viewed the dailies on the cam.

I could have done anything i wanted with this set up but the FW HDD did seem a bit slow. So i use the internal to see what i could do. SMOOTH SAILING there. 720p60

I just want to tell everybody that AVC Cams, 1tb of storage and a MBP is all your gonna need in the field to edit. I didn't have any reliable external monitor but i didn't have to edit on-location either. I only off loaded 35gigs and realized that if i can see them on the cam then i could just use the sdhc as the storage. NO HICK-UPs

LOVED THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE. Manilla is kinda well used but nice. Next stop South Africa in September.

""" What you do with what you have, is more important than what you could do, with what you don't have."

> > > Knowledge + Action = Wisdom - J. Corbett 1992
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