OT: Feed back on reel

Posted by Jeff C 
OT: Feed back on reel
April 29, 2011 04:09PM
Hey Everyone,

Hope you all had a great week. I was just looking for a little feedback on my reel that I have been working on forever. I think I have it at a pretty good place. If you feel so inclined please watch and I would love your professional feedback.

Here is the link to my reel/site:


Thanks in advance!

Jeff C.
Re: OT: Feed back on reel
April 29, 2011 08:57PM
A Demo Reel is not easy to do. A Demo Reel is not something you throw together and say "I'm done". As long as you remain in this business, your reel is an ever changing living breathing calling card that needs feeding & watering on a regular basis to grow. Cut away the dead parts regularly so the new life can grow.

...that said

From a Design standpoint, I liked it very much. I love the text treatments / fonts / subtle animations...that you didn't try to go overboard and cheesy. Very cinematic & strong. You let the content do the talking. The content is great stuff. Also like the Aspect Ratio of the Reel. I am not a judge of an "Editor's Reel" as far as storytelling because it's multiple stories in a soup. As a Designer I Look at the big picture presentation and I think you pulled it off nicely.


...now keep updating it on a regular basis and don't let it get stale thumbs down

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Re: OT: Feed back on reel
April 29, 2011 09:52PM

WOW! That means a lot coming from you. Thank you so very much I really appreciate it and your time.


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