2011 48 Hour Film Project (Philadelphia) Short Film
July 08, 2011 09:12PM

This is our 7th 48 Hour Film Project short film!
This may be the shortest one yet. Just over 4 minutes.

As always, comments are welcome and encouraged!


Scrambled Egg Films
Re: 2011 48 Hour Film Project (Philadelphia) Short Film
July 09, 2011 10:05PM
Wow, that was so much better than the last post! Is this seriously the same crew as the other PhillyFilmmaker post? Is this your current and honestly best effort? If so, I have more comments to make.
Re: 2011 48 Hour Film Project (Philadelphia) Short Film
July 10, 2011 01:08AM
We essentially had the same crew. We had a new crew member and a new actor.

The more comments the merrier!

What did u like about this movie?
Re: 2011 48 Hour Film Project (Philadelphia) Short Film
July 10, 2011 10:53AM
Did and didn't. You've completely advanced in the basic task...image composition and color. You're getting more from the actors (or else they are willing to give more). Thematically, the juxtaposition of the window with the woman playing the guitar to the twist of plot is something, giving a reflection on 'alternate' lives/choices, and what might have been in lives lost for any evil. But that also leads me to believe that the writer also had a choice to make, and I suspect there is a quiet depth and ability to do something great, a quiet desire to follow the alternate storyline. What life would the story have taken if there were only the woman? What would her life have been? That to me would be a film worth making.

The finish point you're at now includes these things that I noticed: The first shot of the male was clearly the first shot of the day. I would have gone back and shot that again after some work had raised the natural level of tension in the actor. One of the best shots, with the blurry shoulder and the actor's questions, would have been better if the blurry should was geometrically unified, as a single shape, instead of complicated. The sound should never had changed quality at any time. It's fairly easy to get dialogue to match and eliminate background noise using sound engineering software, even if the original recordings don't match. The presentation of the plot has to be believable not just during the viewing, but afterwards also. For this, the scene where the woman looks and seems culpable was slightly overdone. The shot required that the appearance of culpability be real, but not unbelievable when thinking back after the outcome is known. Bear in mind, I'm not a film maker, but a craftsman in other arts. The principles of the arts, however, are the same. I don't even know what camera(s) you were using?
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