Check out my editing reel
March 14, 2013 08:20PM

I hope you like.

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Re: Check out my editing reel
November 24, 2013 11:37AM
Very nice job!!!
The only thing, and of course it's only me, I wouldn't use so much of the bimbo shots if any shot.... It is technically and artistically very well shot but it brings some cheesiness to the reel. Up to that point I felt I was watching commercial like material, cool documentary style... and then the bimbos killed it all. Don't take offense, but I went from "oh that guy must working as a DP in L.A. I'm sure", to "no he's not"...
But it also depends what kind of work you are looking for. If it's local I would keep the bimbo stuff because it'll still impress clients. If it's for national/broadcast, it will play against you.

but again, very very nice

(I work in L.A. as an editor for cable networks)
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