Applecare Docs: Color

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Applecare Docs: Color
May 19, 2007 01:23AM

The following are AppleCare technical documents and are considered the "definitive" answer to your Color problem.
That is if the answer you are looking for is in one of these docs.
We will continue to add to this list as Apple adds to the list.

Color Support

Introducing Color

Color 1.0.x: About anamorphic 16:9 DV
DV format video in the anamorphic widescreen aspect ratio (16:9) may not be displayed with the correct proportions when viewed in Color. Instead of being displayed as 16:9, Color may display the video with the 4:3 aspect ratio, as in SD fullscreen. Your clips may appear to be "stretched tall" in the Color interface.

Color 1.0.x: Unable to complete registration
When you open Color (included with Final Cut Studio 2), you may occasionally be presented with a Registration Information window. In this window, you may be unable to select your Country. Consequently, you'll be unable to complete and submit your registration information.

Color 1.5: Blur node applied to proxy can cause a dark halo around frame edges
When you apply a blur node to a proxy clip in the Color FX room, and the spread value of the blur is increased, a dark halo effect can appear around the edges of the frame.

Color 1.5: Some applied Color FX preset looks in a project from a previous version of Color may not appear as expected.
When you open a project from a previous version of Color in Color 1.5, some applied Color FX preset looks in your project may not appear as expected.

Final Cut Studio (2009), Color 1.5: Rendering PAL material to ProRes 4444 introduces a gamma shift
Rendering PAL material to ProRes 4444 in Color introduces a gamma shift in the resulting video file.

Color 1.5: Color FX nodes are set to 0 if a project created in a previous version is opened and saved in Color 1.5
When you save a project in Color 1.5 that was created in a previous version of Color, and then open it again in the previous version of Color, all of the Color FX node values will be reset to 0.

Color 1.5: 2K Cineon, DPX, and RED files may render at half resolution
When rendering 2K Cineon, 2K DPX, or 2K RED media, the media may be sourced as if it were 1K. This is a result of the Render Proxy setting being set to half resolution, which is the default Render Proxy setting in Color 1.5.

Final Cut Pro 7.0, Color 1.5: Avoid mixing RED 4K media and regular NTSC material for use with "Send to Color"
Using Final Cut Pro's "Send to Color" feature with a sequence that includes both RED 4K media and regular NTSC material may result in the NTSC material being unusable after rendering in Color and sending back to Final Cut Pro.

Color 1.5: Remove transitions from freeze frames from Final Cut Pro sequences
Freeze frames that have transitions applied to them in Final Cut Pro sequences are not sent to Color when you choose File > Send To > Color in Final Cut Pro.

Color 1.5: Adjustments made with the Shadow contrast slider may export to a LUT incorrectly
Adjustments you make with the Shadow contrast slider may export to a LUT incorrectly.

Color 1.5: RED 2K to DPX file render times are longer compared to Color 1.x
When rendering RED 2K media to DPX files be aware that render times in Color 1.5 are longer than in Color 1.x.

Color: Blue and Red channels may display incorrectly
Color may incorrectly swap red and blue channels with some TIFF and DPX files.

Color: Video out from Matrox MXO may appear stretched
If you're monitoring video output from Color using the Matrox MXO,
your video may be displayed with an incorrect aspect ratio on your
video monitor. This can occur when working in a video format that
uses non-square pixels, such as HDV or DVCPRO HD. In such cases,
the video output may appear to be "squashed" or "stretched wide."

Color: Entire speed-adjusted clips may render instead of the requested segments.
Issue. Attempting to render segments of a non-standard ...
2007-09-26 ? Document No. 306566

Color: Previewing still reference images may show original ungraded clip instead.
Issue. When using the "Still Store" feature to compare ...
2007-09-20 ? Document No. 306492

Color: Tips for using Color with multiple displays
Color, included with Final Cut Studio 2, supports window arrangements that utilize ...
2007-07-17 ? Document No. 306011
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