Reconform [mal]function

Posted by Whitney 
Reconform [mal]function
December 28, 2007 04:13PM
Just recently upgraded to Studio2, have experimented with Color for about 1 day. (OS X 10.4.11, Dual 2.5 GHz PowerPC G5, 2.5 GB SDRAM)

The problem (though it's not really a huge problem because I'm only experimenting, but still would not want this to happen if this was REAL work): I just lost all my color changes by using the Reconform function!

I began my first work in Color by exporting my sequence from FCP as XML. After making some basic color correction in Primary In, I went back to FCP and made a few changes to the sequence, nothing major, just used the razor blade to break up a portion of the sequence into different segments, but didn't move/remove any of the segments. This portion of the sequence had not been effected in Color as of yet.

I followed instructions given in the Help manual for getting the new sequence back to Color (exported new XML, select File>Reconform, and chose my updated XML) My "updated" sequence now reflects the changes I made in FCP but it completely trashed all the color changes I had already made. I should be able to go back and get an autosave version of course but still ...

Has something like this been reported before? I wouldn't be surprised if it was just user's error, but if this is a bug it kind of defeats the purpose of being able to go back and forth between the two apps.
Re: Reconform [mal]function
January 02, 2008 09:02AM
Update: I went back to my saved archive of the project, tried the Reconform again, but it still did the same thing. Now, I was under the impression that by using Reconform I could make changes to my sequence in Color, and then if I made an editorial change to the sequence in FCP (without rendering & sending the color sequence back to FCP in the first place) I could update the sequence in Color to reflect the editorial changes that were made.

Help manual:
"If your project was imported from an XML or EDL generated by Final Cut Pro, you have
the option of automatically reconforming your Color project to match any editorial
changes made to the original Final Cut Pro sequence, saving you hours of tedious labor."

It would appear the Help manual is lying. So if anyone can explain to me the purpose of Reconform (or what I might be doing wrong) I'd appreciate it.
Re: Reconform [mal]function
January 17, 2008 06:39PM
Whitney Wrote:

> It would appear the Help manual is lying. So if
> anyone can explain to me the purpose of Reconform
> (or what I might be doing wrong) I'd appreciate
> it.

Reconform only functions for Color projects that were started/created from an XML that was exported from FCP. It does not work when using the "Send to..." command from FCP.
Re: Reconform [mal]function
January 18, 2008 08:16AM
Yes, this is what I did. I exported an XML of my sequence from FCP, imported that XML in Color, then later went back to the original sequence in FCP and made changes ... my interpretation of the manual was that I could then go to reconform and those changes I made to the original sequence would carry over to Color. What am I missing here?
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