How to Force Baseline in Compressor

Posted by nveer 
How to Force Baseline in Compressor
December 22, 2010 09:41AM
I am encoding videos for a podcast. Naturally I want to make sure it is playable on all the apple devices. I had been using a slightly modified version of the standard iPod setting that comes in Compressor. However, it seemed like overkill. I knew I could achieve the same or better quality at a lesser data rate if I went with y own H.264 settings from scratch.

The problem I'm running into is that when I build my own settings starting with Quicktime Formats/H.264 it ends up encoding at Mainline@L3.0 instead of the Base@3.0 like the Standard iPod settings in Compressor does. My data rate is lower than the podcast's settings, my resolution is the same. Main@L3.0 plays on all the iPhone 4 and iPad devices but leaves out the iPod Video 5G and older devices.

Any suggestions, what I could be altering that is forcing Compressor to use Main instead of baseline?

Thanks for your help!
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