Converting .mov to .wmv for Power Point insertion.

Posted by ringenw 
Converting .mov to .wmv for Power Point insertion.
April 01, 2011 06:23AM
Looking for some advise for converting a .mov cut w/ FCP to a .wmv for Powerpoint.
> Using compressor. Have the Studio version of Flip for Mac w/ latest updates, with "preset" encoding profiles.
> My question: What are most folks using for a good, middle of the road encoding profile to convert .mov to .wmv for insertion into a powerpoint presentation? The presentation will be on a laptop, but we never know the specs on the laptop. So we have to balance being safe and making sure it plays. versus the best quality possible. This is 16 X 9 SD. Quicktime. Apple pro res 422. 720 X 480.
> I want to stick with .wmv. Not .mpg, avi or asf.
> My choices are low end.... "One pass CBR 40" through high end....... "One pass presentation High 16 X 9"

The "default" does not maintain the 16 X 9 format.

Once I pick an encoding setup, I'll make a droplet and use it fairly often.

OSX 10.6.4 FCP 7.0.3 Flip 4mac
> Thanks
> Bill
Re: Converting .mov to .wmv for Power Point insertion.
April 04, 2011 12:36PM
There is no main setting you can use. Because depending on the end aspect size and amount of things going on in the video (moving graphics, audio tracks, images etc...) and time length, what one setting might be good for file size and video quality will not be the same for the other.

You just need to to some back and forth testing until you find some variation of adjusting that works depending on what your exporting.

Somethings you can do as a standard if going to PPT is
? change stereo to mono
? drop the kilohertz setting to something lower then 44.1

These couple of things can take alot off the end file size and not effect the visual quality at all because its audio.

A side note you definitely want to keep your videos in a ppt as small as you can while maintaining what is an exceptable visual quality to you. Depending on the power of the computer they are playing on the computer may not be able to handle file sizes that are big.

And for the aspect format there are presets for a 4:3 or 16x9 or you can set your own custom size.If you can't find how to adjust this anywhere in your version of Flip 4 Mac you might need to upgrade to a more pro version.
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