Making Proxy files for Multi-cam editing FCP7

Posted by Tikicutter 
Making Proxy files for Multi-cam editing FCP7
November 24, 2012 03:15PM

Recently produced an 8 camera coverage of a live performance, 2 acts. After converting raw data files or x-ferring from tape, de-interlacing when needed, made sequences of each cam, with rough mix audio reference and rendered out those as Pro Rez QTs. I now have 16, roughly 75-90 minute HD QTs that I want to use in a multi-cam cut.

When recently cutting 5 live concerts, used media manager in FCP, to create the proxies, one at a time. But am wondering, can I make the proxies using Compressor and the proxy set up, create an applet and drop the QTs into it and let them all (or a bunch at a time) cook over night? Will I be able to than make the multi clip using those? Did a quick look, the Pro Rez QT was roughly 45 GIGS, Compressor estimated that it would be about 17 Gigs when done. I know that Media Manager makes it much smaller. Thinking about having to drag an 8 camera playback, has me a bit concerned about going the Compressor route. Hoping to get some experienced feedback.

BTW, doing this on an iMac, OSX, fully loaded with RAM, etc. I cut the 5 concerts (5 cameras) using multi-cam, went back to the original HD files, than back and forth in Color. Has worked VERY well.

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