FCP6 Requests from Adolfo

Posted by Adolfo Rozenfeld 
FCP6 Requests from Adolfo
November 22, 2006 11:47PM
Not many (if any) of my top feature requests since 1999 made it into the program, but the last thing one looses is hope, right? smiling smiley

Some of these are so obvious that it hurts to write them:

* A complete redesign of the keyframing model. Did anyone see Premiere lately? Yes, you read correctly. Back to the feature request: Both value and speed graphs in the viewer, specially for position and anchor point properties. Hold keyframes. Ability to move keyframes through other keyframes instead of them acting as walls (!). Ability to select a contiguous or non-contiguous range of keyframes, then freely move, cut, copy and paste them to other locations in the same property, to other clips or even other properties when the dimensional aspects allow it. Ability to scale a range of keyframes proportionally, or to reverse their order. BIG keyframe icons that are easy to select and are informative about the current interpolation status, without having to dig inside the graphs.

* Bezier and/or B Spline based masks. Is there one FCP user out there who wouldn't make some use of this? Mask nodes that can be collectively addressed by keyframing ONE parameter, with smooth interpolation from one state to the other. Masks tools that don't have the number of points in their name, so we can use as many as we need (and add more later if needed) .

* Keying tools which are decent enough for a finishing tool with the quality of FCP. I realize Keylight is not designed for a real time editing application, but maybe something like Primatte RT? The current FCP keyer makes me look bad when trying to pull a fairly simple key.

* Range definition and color curves for the color correctors. Yes, yes, I know about YUV vs. RGB issues, but now that we have float processing maybe we can afford to have curves and use all that amazing precision so that we don't loose information through the needed conversions. Or maybe we could just have Luma curves? That could be kosher for YUV too, right? Again, anybody saw Premiere recently? Not Avid DS, Symphony, Smoke or Inferno: Premiere.

* I would love if FCP could provide a (or support an existing) lossless codec that makes uncompressed editing on small laptop drives a reality. And I would love if that codec could provide optimized playback of alpha channels. Another must have for a RT finishing tool, right?

Thanks for listening!

Adolfo Rozenfeld
Buenos Aires - Argentina
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