Copy/Paste Attributes: Filters - Pls improve keyframe behavior
November 29, 2006 06:16PM
Just tested it yesterday and today:

When using Copy/Paste Attributes, Motion keyframes will follow but filter keyframes will not. I've just tested this with a clip I was using as a "placeholder" for two effects (Basic 3D filter for resizing, Distort for fine-tuning the shape of a shot). The "placeholder" is in the exact same position in the timeline and has the same duration as the shot I want the effects duplicated to. Copied from the placeholder, pasted onto the new clip. The Distort settings stayed nice and in place. The filter keyframes flew all over the place. This happens every time. Needs improvement!

Oh, and when filter-packing, Motion Favorites don't seem to get applied. I tried putting the Basic 3D filter as well as a Motion Path in one filter pack, and only the filter gets applied. It'd be nice to be able to filter-pack Motion Paths as well.
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