A few from Rui
December 06, 2006 03:52PM

A serious Title Tool is crucial, with a window showing the video behind.
This way we can place the titles directly in the place and choose the exact font and design.

Timecode windows. FCP is in the Pro's Market and the Pro's need all the information in a clear and readble way. So FCP must have the option for us to choose wich size and fonts in the timecode windows, like Avid.

Color Correction window. Why are the are so small? It's funny, while others apps from apple have the buttons in a correct dimension, FCP doesn't. The same applyes the the filters buttons or arrows. Selecting the values they should be updated while pressing the up and down arrow keys.

Auto Select Buttons, remove them and make the destination buttons with an On/Off function.

Auto Hide the Dock when launching FCP.

Rui Barros
Editor Colorist Trainer
Lisbon, Portugal
RTP Post-Production
Apple Certified Trainer FCP 7
Apple Certified Pro FCP 7
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