My $2.00 worth

Posted by John Foley 
My $2.00 worth
December 19, 2006 08:58PM
Here goes my $2.00 worth.

A complete rewrite of the entire code base including turning the interface into the Cocoa like all the other applications (DVD Studio Pro, LiveType and Motion) and integrating the keyframeless modality of Motion into the FCP timeline.

Much better color correction tools (maybe Silicon Color stuff?)

Timeline tracking where the playhead is always centered when playback stops.

DVD Studio Pro qualified to author HD-DVD and BluRay High Definition discs.

Multitrack export capability in Soundtrack Pro FCP->STP->FCP. More audio content (perhaps in AAC format to save space on hard drive.

True 3D (camera, lights) in Motion with new behaviors and top quality Keyers.

At the new Shake pricepoint, maybe a morph of Motion and Shake together.
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