Media-Manage Effects

Posted by James T 
Media-Manage Effects
July 18, 2007 07:19PM
Media-Manage Effects....

When you are forced to take your project or sequence to another system(and most of have to at least once)?bringing over your effects have been quite the pain the a**.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could bring the fx and/or plugins that have been rendered into the timeline over, as well?

Now, as far as some of the auxiliary files that go along with these fx/plugins, i dont know how they would be transfered but....

....It's something to think about

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Re: Media-Manage Effects
July 18, 2007 08:03PM
as you probably know SOME plugins travel without any problems,
others dont.
After Effects type plugins probably are the ones that dont travel,
or plugins that require more complex licensing
& there's probably legal issues involved (the other system hasn't shelled out the $$$ for those plugins)

but yeah, what you say makes sense.

FCP should give you a bit of a helping hand to let you know what plugins you'll need,
and also as you say, maybe help you gather them.


Re: Media-Manage Effects
July 18, 2007 09:29PM
Fonts are even more important...especially since FCP also destroys any information about what exactly the missing font is and defaults to something irritating.

I know Too Much Too Soon, Nattress and Lyric Media filters and transitions migrate with the project files with no need to modify the new computer in terms of the Plugins folder, preferences, Library etc.
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