Visual FX bus (?)
October 22, 2009 03:08PM
I spend a lot of time trying to match second-rate footage. Adjusting framing and adding quick color correction in FCP. Sometimes, you look at it the next day and you went to far, or not far enough. You start adjusting again and you have to copy and paste the new settings into every instance of (say) the close up which appears 14 times.

What if (in addition to the current paradigm) you could assign a visual effects bus to the video clip (the clip not the track). If you wanted to work this way - you'd only have to change the settings once and it would affect every clip assigned to that bus. No more copy and paste 13 times.

If you don't like audio metaphor - it would be kind of like styles in MS word. Change the style, change the look of every paragraph linked to that style.

I'm not missing something that already exists, am I?
Re: Visual FX bus (?)
October 22, 2009 03:36PM
You can group shots in Color and mass apply them to the shots and then run through them to check.

That could be a good idea, however, even if a certain angle requires a certain filter setting, you'll still have to deal with stuff like cloud cover, etc.. (assuming it's an outdoor shoot), and you'll still have to tweak them individually to match.
Re: Visual FX bus (?)
October 22, 2009 03:39PM

I guess I can see the merits of this idea in principle. But in practice, the act of copy-pasting a filter stack from one clip to another is pretty inconsequential compared to the time I spend playing through the shot or tweaking the settings on the filters in the stack. And since pretty frequently, I don't want that shot to exactly match the last time that same take was used, but rather to cut well against the shots immediately before and after, I think I'd spend more time removing shots from the "bus" than I would leaving them in.

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