Color wheel selectivity for clips on Timeline beyond the few available.
In past forums for years I've mentioned desiring the ability to associate viewer selectable individual color for clips in the Timeline -- beyond the very few & therefore useless available now. As Projects & Timelines become ever more complex this visual associating, arranging & grouping chosen from a color wheel - especially regarding alternative takes will pay dividends for the artistically inclined a thousand times over in creating better films & far more rapidly than ever before as being visually organized by color priority - besides looking very, very cool.
Please pass to Apple.

Bill Rabinovitch
Re: Color wheel selectivity for Timeline clips beyond the few available & why-- Bill Rabinovitch
April 18, 2011 09:46AM
I don't know about others, but that was really hard for me to understand, Bill. Looking at your old posts, I think what you mean is the ability to choose customized colours for Labels. But reading your new post, I would have thought you were referring to colour correction.
It's the labels I want this ability with -- & actually to take this further in a whole new way never done before within FCP X. Possibly some sort of alternative interactive overlay that can be Toggled on & off where things can be organized by color -- that will shift things around & on a layered clip level show them in a whole new light -- by color & color gradation. This will be primarily a visual tool for artist editors who think in terms of color.
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