Preparing for FCPX whitepaper

Posted by Nick Meyers 
Re: Preparing for FCPX whitepaper
May 10, 2011 03:45PM
I don;t mind giving out an email, I have one for the purpose, but the only thing I saw was an entire account page which included personal info I don't care to share at any price.

Jude, thank you once again for the summary. The speed from utilizing 64-bit and all available cores is what keeps me engaged here-- plus fervent hopes that there is a Viewer available somewhere, and that thumbnail views can be dismissed until invited.

Anyone who hasn't seen the Hitler parody posted above should enjoy it. It's for our crowd, but it's as good as anything I've seen from Woody Allen's early work. The tone and timbre is perfect.

- Loren

Today's FCP 7 keytip:
Nudge a Canvas layer by SUBpixels
with Command-Option with Arrow keys !

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Re: Preparing for FCPX whitepaper
May 10, 2011 07:30PM
Thanks Tor. Appreciate it.

And yeah Loren - my pet hate is the ones that won't let you do anything without including your phone number. WTF? You really want to ring me here? Luckily we have a 'Do Not Call' list in Australia which stops anyone actually being able to call you to sell you stuff. Still, it's too personal for my liking.

Back to the discussion, though. I'm guessing from the interface shots we've seen that the viewer and canvas are the same window. In fact we've seen that demo'ed in the video from the event. It is annoying if you have to do comparisons, I guess, but perhaps there will be the option of more than one viewer/canvas? The main reason I would miss the viewer would be for adjusting parameters of clips in the viewer while viewing them in the canvas, but it's entirely possible this is all done differently now too .. oh wait, there was a section where they demo'ed CC .. might watch that and see how they gauged what was going on..

Re: Preparing for FCPX whitepaper
May 10, 2011 11:16PM
Personally I have no problem at all with being on Torrey's email list. I've long since got over the issues of having my email address etc out there.

Fwiw, I somehow ended up on the Silverado mailing list a couple of years ago (I think maybe after registering for and downloading a copy of the Supermeet mag). Anyhoo, for the purpose of research I just searched my email history for those circulars. Seems for the first six months or so I got one almost every week, for the next year maybe once a month, and in the last few months none at all ... hardly a deluge, and I've never read any of them anyway. There is one thing that is really notable here, I should clear out my email more often ;-)

Torrey, I appreciate your making the time to putting together this white paper.

Re: Preparing for FCPX whitepaper
May 11, 2011 04:05AM
Thanks Andy!

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