There's a Baby in the Bath Water!!!

Posted by rweaver53 
There's a Baby in the Bath Water!!!
June 22, 2011 06:54PM
OK! I know, the missing tape, monitor, multicam, export features suck. But come on, FCP 7 is a mess! Buggy, slow, kludgey, ugly. Yes, we have learned how to get it to work, but eligant and reliable it is not. After doing several series projects with mulitple cams, editors and FCP 7 systems on a fiber connected SAN, I can say that I was actually relieved when Starz Media eliminated the post production dept entirely and my VP job along with it. Finally some sleep.

So it was more out of curiosity than anything that I downloaded FCPX. Yes there are glaringly obvious ommissions, BUT, there are some very powerful paridimes being established with this release. The magnetic timeline has awesome potential. Once I got a handle on it, I loved it. Is it perfect? No, but what part of FCP7 is? Multiple storylines in a timeline has perhaps the most untapped potential; like sequences within sequences.

So call me crazy, but i'm just not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet. Is it different? Yeah, way so. But there is a lot of cool in there. I'm going to finish my old projects in FCP7, but I'm gonna start all the new ones in FCPX. I think I will glad I did.

Oh and BTW, it's very easy to get you media on any mouted drive. Just select the drive in the brouser and create a new event. Imported media goes to the selected drive.

Just sayin...
Re: There's a Baby in the Bath Water!!!
June 22, 2011 07:25PM
What sort of issues do you have with FCP 7 that slows you down so much? I'm running 6 on shared storage and there isn't any particular tech issue so far. Nothing major at least,

I'm trying to start a project in FCP X, and I find it hard to. Not until they release some add ons that let's you work with people... I need to learn how this thing functions. They should have an FCP2FCP guide book out there...
Re: There's a Baby in the Bath Water!!!
June 22, 2011 09:01PM
I'm with you. I thought the system response was snappier and I liked the new interface. Obviously some bugs to be worked out, but the chorus of whining that spans this board I thought was really unnecessary. I think it's hilarious how the hollywood model is going down the drain, and yet every change that happens in the industry hollywood has to run around in circles with their hands in the air and proclaim how terrible it is. Loosen up the grip on the past, folks - look toward the future.
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