FCPX: No multicam. So... I have FCP Studio 2. If I can find a copy, should I upgrade to Studio 3 just to have the last version?

Posted by Sprocketz 
We do a lot of multicam. We are hosed with FCPX.

We are using Studio 2, should I ugrade to 3 just to have the last, most recent usable version.

Michael, are there even any Studio 3 copies available through the store?
I looked and it seems you can order, but delivery indicates 3-5 weeks.

You know, I don't have a single copy of pirate software. I pay for everything.

But maybe I will have to find a pirate copy of Studio 3.
All indications are that FCP7 and earlier will be EOL soon enough so whatever you buy pre-FCPX will not be supported by the OS in the future. I really hope I am wrong about this.

When life gives you dilemmas...make dilemmanade.

As long as FCP 7 works on Lion you should be good for a couple more years.
I have already decided not to go looking for a copy of FCP 7 and instead use the saved cash to upgrade my Adobe suite from CS5 to 5.5. I already have Premier in that package although I have not used it. Guess it's better to upgrade Premier and give it a shot than spend perfectly good money on software that may soon be unusable on Mac's running Lion or later.
I saw a few posts around the internet that FCS 2 runs under Lion. You have to install Lion over Snow Leopard as an upgrade instead of making a clean installation. Final Cut Studio 2 itself doesn't use Rosetta, it's just it's installer that does. I'm hoping it's true because I never upgraded past FCP 6 either.
Apple has said in their FCP X FAQ that was issued within the past day that FCP 7 will work on Lion.
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