FCP X a real Premi?

Posted by mark@avolution 
FCP X a real Premi?
June 24, 2011 10:18AM
I had read in Creative Cow from some of the forums quoted from
the "designers" that "certain features were left out in the first release".

Here's a suggestion, don't pull an Autodesk, where they are constantly
releasing software that has not been production tested (Autodesk 3ds Max 12)
is a good example.

This suggestion goes to both Apple and AutoDesk, how about slowing down
on the constant barrage of half-baked, incomplete, not-ready-for-production

Betatest, betatest, betatest.....wait....test some more...get real artist responses to
the changes---tweak---AND THEN RELEASE A BETTER PRODUCT.

<screaming mode off>

It's just a suggestion! <:
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