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Posted by Ben King 
Re: FCPX Feature Wish List
June 13, 2012 11:51AM
Change all the new keyboard shortcuts back to that default shortcuts found in FCP7. I know this can be done if you customize the keyboard but then, should you move to someone else's editing bay, it will no longer be what you are used to. Sometimes standardization across the board is a good thing.

Re: FCPX Feature Wish List
June 27, 2012 07:33AM
I just want to select an in and out point on my timeline and be able to export use that portion not the ENTIRE timeline!
Re: FCPX Feature Wish List
January 24, 2013 04:53PM
OS Search function (like Spotlight) in the Import window. Sort by Date Modified, not just Date Created.
Re: FCPX Feature Wish List
November 02, 2013 11:01AM
Often as I'm editing and figuring out how I want to broll or create a project I use connected clips and because of the way connected clips work I might have some clips overtop or slightly overlapping other clips. Once I decide I like the shots or clips the way I have them laid out, it would be nice to be able to select them and use "create storyline" (command + G) to have it put those clips into a storyline, rather than having to first trim back and delete some of the clips manually.

It would work exactly the same way I can select a group of connected clips that are overlapping or stacked and use the "overwrite to primary storyline" (option + command + down arrow) function and have it move and automatically trim those clips into the primary storyline. Currently, if there are connected clips overlapping each other you cannot select them and have it create and automatically trim or replace the clips as it places them into a new storyline (command + g).

I would love to see this feature added. If you agree copy and paste this as a feature request to Apple.
Re: FCPX Feature Wish List
March 14, 2014 10:08AM
Much of what we asked for is there now but some things haven't made it in such as:

Timecode overlays for clips

The ability to just type in TC values like all other NLEs! Instead of having to roll over the TC window!! Not to mention that if say typing 12:53:26:00 it does it's dumbass calculation thang (to make TC writing easier?) and come up with 12:35:26:00!!!

Although at least you can type in + to increase by a TC or - to decrease playhead posit, selected clip and trim etc like you could in FCP7.

My other wish is that the Range Tool worked like Soundtrack Pro in that you can select the range across all tracks (connected or otherwise) and delete or move or lift or mark or effect that whole timeline range.

So come on Apple bods - lets have it!

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