FCP X lag/pause while editing multicam

Posted by mic 
FCP X lag/pause while editing multicam
February 14, 2012 04:26PM
Has anyone experienced FCP X having a slight pause in multicam viewer when cutting between cams? It acts like the frame pauses for a few frames before cutting to next cam. Older versions of FCP does not do this. How annoying. I have a 27" imac with i7 processor, 12 GB Ram, upgraded graphics card. Also, the footage is all standard def. I am editing between only 3 cams. Also, I have turned filmstrip view to off so it does not have to render these individual frames. I have even tried using proxy clips.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Re: FCP X lag/pause while editing multicam
February 14, 2012 04:39PM
Hi Michael

Most likely the speed of your Media drive - what are you using? Do you have Thunderbolt or are you using FireWire800 or a single drive?

Really you need at least a 2 HDD RAID 0 setup to consistantly saturate a FireWire 800 connection and to provide the bandwidth for several streams of video. Certainly this will depend on how many concurrent streams you are trying to multicam and what type of media it is.

But 3 streams should be easy enough for even a single HDD doing ProRes 422 1080i30 - might be a full disk perhaps?

Give us the proper breakdown of your system and Media drives (and connection type), the media type (CODEC, frame size/rate, etc).

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Re: FCP X lag/pause while editing multicam
June 07, 2012 10:50PM
Thank you for the response. I took a break from FCP X and went back to FCP 7 since I could not figure out the pausing issue. I am now trying FCP X again since the new update 10.0.4
I would like to start using FCP X and getting familiar with the GUI but, I can't edit a production if I'm going to have 1/2-1 sec pause when cutting between cameras. This is no way to edit a production. So I did a test with my new project. Again, a 4 camera shoot in 1920 x 1080i 59.94 (HDV Native) transcoded into ProRes 422 LT. The same pause (if not worse now) exist. I read what you were saying about possibly being the hard drive lagging behind. So, I did a test in FCP 7. Same set-up. Media is still on external drive via firewire 800, same codecs, etc., There is absolutely ZERO pause while switching between camera angles. I would think that FCP X would act the same since it is built on newer scripting. Something is not correct here. PLEASE...any info would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. BTW: I changed the footage in FCP X timeline to where there is no audio or video writing. It is set to just a blank thumbnail so its not wasting processing drawing these thumbs.

Processor 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory 12 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 MB
Software Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 (11E53)

Firewire 800 2TB External Drive (contains media files)
Movie Files were transcoded into ProRes 422 LT
4 Camera angles (multicam)
Re: FCP X lag/pause while editing multicam
June 07, 2012 10:56PM
One more thing I should mention is that when the media is playing in FCP X Multicam view, there is absolutely ZERO PAUSES. It is ONLY when I make decision cuts that it pauses, changes the angle, then resumes play.
Re: FCP X lag/pause while editing multicam
June 07, 2012 11:20PM
UPDATE SOLUTION!!! Wow....I am soooooooooooooo stoked that I figured this out! So apparently the timeline has to be collapsed media NOT showing all the different layers of media. Also, to make the decision edits you have to have the blade tool in the muticam viewer while playing clip from timeline! I know I have seen tutorials where they were NOT using the blade and making edits via the browser multicam clip rather than using the timeline multiclip. But....who cares! As long as I can edit without pauses....I'm happy! If you haven't noticed with ALL THE EXPLANATION POINTS!!! Now I can move on to figuring out how to use this program! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smiling smiley
Re: FCP X lag/pause while editing multicam
June 07, 2012 11:29PM
Thanks for the fix mic and posting this. I'd of sworn it was a drive issue. This sure aint an intuitive fix. smiling smiley

Michael Horton
Re: FCP X lag/pause while editing multicam
June 08, 2012 09:49PM
I was going to suggest creating proxy media and editing using proxy but it looks like you figured it out.
I do this when I'm using a non raided drive.


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Re: FCP X lag/pause while editing multicam
October 20, 2017 01:45AM
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