FCPX capabilities

Posted by RJ 
FCPX capabilities
June 17, 2013 12:56PM
I haven't looked at FCPX since its release and I'm wondering about 2 things in its current incarnation:

- Does it allow multiple sequences per project (w/o some work around)?

- Is the media management/project structure still the same as the first version? That is: structured as events and dates like iMovie & iPhoto style?

Thanks for any info.
Re: FCPX capabilities
June 18, 2013 02:33AM
You first have to understand the "word definitions" in X.

There is no "sequence" anymore it's now a "project"

"Projects" like in the old FCP don't exist anymore.
It's now all in one. You got 2 parts Event (which allow to manage media) and a list of Projects (which are the formerly Sequences).
Projects can be grouped into (sub)folders while Events can't be grouped. The bit glitchy thing (IMO) is that the Events can contain "projects"

There are several free intros for X available on the web -- have a look at those.


Some workflow tools for FCP [www.spherico.com]
TitleExchange -- juggle titles within FCS, FCPX and many other apps.
Re: FCPX capabilities
June 18, 2013 10:54AM
Another way to look at it.
You can have any number of Events.
You can have any number of Sequences (FCPX calls them Projects).
A Sequence can be associated with one or more Events although initially you tie it to one Event.
To me it's more like a Database in which you are free to build Relationships.

It's a different language, a different way of doing things, you really can't make a one to one comparison of many of organizational functions.

In the Projects Library (Sequence Library) you can create a folder
Client X (for example)
In that Folder you can have Sequence A, Sequence B, Sequence C.
Those three Sequence may or may not be tied to the same Event. Each can even use files from multiple Events.

As Andreas says, Events contain Media. They also have Keyword Collections and Smart Collections. They are somewhat akin to Bins with some differences. A single clip or part of a clip can be in difference Collections at the same time. For example a Two Shot, Interior, Chicago could exist in Two Show, Interior and Chicago Collects at the same time. You could make a Smart Collections which dynamically gathers all Two Shot, Interior, Chicago files for example. Within Events you can have folders. For example you might have a Folder for Locations if you wanted.

While Events can't be placed in Folders, you can Merge Events. So Event A and Event B can be combined into a New Event.

Some who like the idea of Sequences existing within an Event itself have another organization option. Compound Clips (akin to Nests sort of) can be used as Sequences. You can have multiple Compound Clips in an Event. You can even make a Smart Collection that will automatically put all Compound Clips there so you can have something akin to a Sequence Bin in the Event.

It's a very flexible organizational system. If you try to make it like other NLEs it can be a great source of frustration. It's hard for some to drop that "comparative" thinking. It's good to start with a "blank slate" approach when learning FCPX.

As Andreas alludes to, you have Events and Projects (Sequence) and you define the Relationship between them. Generally Projects (Sequence) don't exist "inside." That type of "container" (unless you use the Compound Clip approach) doesn't exist in FCPX.

Learning FCPX reminds me of a story from my college days. I had a roommate who was a foreign exchange student. One morning during breakfast he exclaimed that he dreamed in English. He thought this was a major breakthrough. I asked him way. He said he was no longer translating English into his native language. He now had a direct understanding of English. This, ideally, is what you should aim for as you learn FCPX.

BTW Michael Horton is now hosting Webinars at Moviola. Today the webinar is "News Editing In Final Cut Pro X" presented by Michael Garber. It's at 11:30 AM PST so there may be a little time left to register (it's free live but paid if you miss it and want to see the recording). It might give you good insight.
Re: FCPX capabilities
June 18, 2013 03:45PM
Guys, thanks for taking the time. I'll probably download the trial and muck about with it, so I appreciate the primer.

Re: FCPX capabilities
July 01, 2013 11:27PM
I like to use a Project as a final sequence. Within the events I may create if I need them, compound clips and use them as sequences that I can edit at at time and edit into my project. So my Compound Clips are my sequences. I can duplicate projects and edit them as needed. I also use Event Manager X to move projects and events in or out of FCPX when needed.


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Re: FCPX capabilities
July 10, 2013 02:32AM
Coming from Final Cut Express, looking at FCPX really confused me. I held off for quite a while, but when the Final Cut expert at my local Apple Store told me I would not have all the rendering stalls with X, I decided to go for it. After a bit of consternation understanding Events and Projects, I finally realized FCPX is an entirely different animal, so I looked up tutorials, got on the Apple FCPX and this forum, but mostly explored the menus and icons and soon enough got it. I'm very impressed with FCPX, before I would dread going into FCE to do some cleanup editing, in FCPX I look forward to it.
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