TitleExchange XTI updates

Posted by Andreas Kiel 
TitleExchange XTI updates
July 14, 2013 09:28AM
I made some updates for TitleExchange last week.

XTI functions are now nearly completely integrated into TitleExchange.
So you can for example directly import .sbv files to .fcpxml files (was requested from some users some weeks ago)
This means you can transport more than 40 subtitle formats directly into FCPX using the title template you want or need.
Cause of another user a request I've added a new import format: feet/frames to restore old subtitle lists to modern media. Probably not a format you use on a day by day basis. But it's a nice to have and in case you need it, it can save you days of hard work.
The interface has changed a bit for the conversion setup to make it easier for users with small displays.

As always most of the functions are free to use with no limitations -- some do have limitations but there are workarounds for the user.



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