FCP 7 to FCP X issues

Posted by JudyLenox 
FCP 7 to FCP X issues
October 25, 2013 06:11PM
The following steps were taken to move a project from FCP 7 to X.

1-We created an XML file in FCP 7 and saved it on an external drive along with all of the media.

2-We connected that drive to a different computer which has FCP X.

3- Downloaded the intelligent assistant app.

4-On computer with X, we dragged the XML file to the icon of 7toX in the dock.

5-Opened FCP X to reveal the project and the sequence but no media. Also, there is nothing in Project Window to reflect what's in the Browser. The drive shows up in the Project Window but nothing in it.

6- Imported media from 5D and 7D. Media from Red camera would not migrate over.

7- Downloaded Red Apple Workflow Installer 3.0 mpkg.

8- Imported Red files and they showed up in Browser but not in edited sequence. I can easily bring in each clip to the edited piece and I see that the red footage is all there. But ... what problems could arise, if any, by my doing this?

What am I not thinking about in this process, i.e., what problems could arise? Was this the right way to go about this?

The drive is now full because FCP X created optimized media so I now have duplicates of my media. I was told that I should delete the smaller of the files since optimized media will handle better in X.

The producer is concerned that my methods are mostly 'work arounds' and not the correct workflow.

Your suggestions are most welcome.
Re: FCP 7 to FCP X issues
October 29, 2013 01:07PM
I think you need to read the Help guide for 7toX as you're missing the point. The Sequences are converted to Compound Clips in a keyword collection called "Final Cut 7 Sequences". IOW you will not see anything in the Project window in FCP X as the manual makes clear.

Philip Hodgetts
Co-developer 7toX
Re: FCP 7 to FCP X issues
October 30, 2013 07:26PM
Thanks Philip.

One thing I noticed in the manual - it says:

"If working with two Macs, you may need to consolidate media to an external drive and reconnect any unconnected media before exporting XML."
Is this a must? We are working with 2 Macs.

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