Anyone like the FCP X update?

Posted by Andy Field 
Re: Anyone like the FCP X update?
January 03, 2014 10:20PM
Jude Cotter Wrote:
> I'll vouch for Premiere CC being stable on long
> form too. I've overseen one hour-long broadcast
> spot that had about 24 hours of HD footage, and
> recently, one 'straight to DVD' project with
> hundreds of hours of extremely mixed format stuff.
> Not a hiccup on either. Not sure where this idea
> of instability comes from.

An educated guess? Because it's Adobe I would wager there are TONS of bootleg/unlicensed/pirated installs of the whole suite that are mostly for PS, AE and Ill. Those people know little to nothing of media management and system setup or editing workflow. Those users have a terrible experience and blame the software. Also Premiere used to be a total POS and I think these two factors will make it hard for it to get a good rep until there are good stories out there based on reproducible workflows.

I know of one super low budget place where they're on an all-pirated Adobe Windows-only kick because their all-pirated FCP install eventually went buggy and they blamed Apple, blah blah blah, lock in, blah blah blah, Apple tax, blah blah blah open source, blah blah blah FCPX is iMovie Pro (actual quote) etc. I was asked to come in on a last minute "save the edit and save the client" gig and I walked after 2 hours of futzing with non upgradeable software on a system that couldn't hook up to the internet for basic maintenance.

Sleeplings, AWAKE!
Re: Anyone like the FCP X update?
January 04, 2014 01:25AM
Well done for walking, AK. It's hard to lose the money, but wow, people, buy the gear you need to run your businesses.

Re: Anyone like the FCP X update?
January 04, 2014 08:37AM
Short-sightedness will forever run rampant in post-production. Save $100 now, waste $5000 later in troubleshooting, hiring technicians to fix the gaps, missed deadlines, and lost time and prestige. Couldn't hook up to the internet -- holy Stone Age.
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