Digitizing mini DV?

Posted by Ksite 
Digitizing mini DV?
January 16, 2014 08:03PM
This may seem like a really stupid question but is it still possible to digitize a mini DV tape with FCP X?
Re: Digitizing mini DV?
January 17, 2014 02:01AM
Yes; it employs a much simpler tape capture window than FCP7, here called "Import" even though they should know better.

Set your camera to VCR or VTR or Playback mode, connect FireWire cable, and navigate to areas you want.

Download the FCPX 1006 User Guide, it's all there.

Or post this Q to the FCPX forum here for fuller detail.

- Loren

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Re: Digitizing mini DV?
January 17, 2014 04:41PM
Re: Digitizing mini DV?
April 21, 2014 11:08AM
If you are using a thunderbolt equipped mac, you will need a thunderbolt to firewire adapter. But, in my experience the audio tracks will be married together and not separable once in FCPX
Re: Digitizing mini DV?
May 19, 2015 08:12PM
I recently found out how to separate the audio tracks. check out the subject: "Separate audio channels?" a little higher in the topic list.
Re: Digitizing mini DV?
July 01, 2015 05:45AM
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