"error: out of memory" on FCP 6

Posted by Stu_Jaimison 
"error: out of memory" on FCP 6
July 07, 2016 08:50PM
I'm working with a legacy system FCP 6.0. I have an uncompressed project that I want to re render. The system is too slow to actually play these uncompressed video file assets, but I've rendered the movie before (2008) so it shouldn't be a problem now. The computer has just been in storage all of these years. The problem is that when I open the project file, I can't see the timeline. I go to WINDOW > TIMELINE and it's greyed out. I double click the timeline file in my assets and that's when I first get "file not found" and then when I close that out I get "error: out of memory". I tried opening older versions of this project (to see if my most recent file was corrupted in some way) but still get the same error. So that leads me to believe that this "file not found" error is really just a memory problem. Also the timeline file found in my assets does not have a line through it (as if it was missing).
I tried restarting. No luck.
What would you suggest I try to get the timeline to appear?
UPDATE: Solved! Tools > Render manager > check off items and delete.
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