HDV capture?

Posted by Hiker 
HDV capture?
August 26, 2016 01:58PM
I am new to FCP-X having been using 7 for many years.

When capturing HDV directly from my Sony HDV deck into FCP-X is the footage automatically captured in the HDV format? If capturing 4K would this be captured automatically as 4K?

I have not been able to find an answer to this question in any manual.

Thanks in advance for your response.
Re: HDV capture?
August 26, 2016 03:47PM
My understanding is that FCPX will capture it in the HDV codec and put it in a .mov container. I believe the HDV codec can be "optimized" (converted to ProRes after capture is complete).
Re: HDV capture?
August 27, 2016 09:53AM
Thanks Craig for your response to my question. It is important that I retain the HDV quality in my final project, however, when I check the footage out on an excellent monitor it seems to be lacking the HDV sharpness.

Is there another method that I can use to determine if it is indeed HDV?

Thanks again.
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