"Match Color" and Colors of copied clips?

"Match Color" and Colors of copied clips?
September 12, 2018 02:54PM

Maybe nobody uses this forum anymore, but if anyone happens to chance upon my posts and has some ideas, I'd be grateful. Not great at self-teaching programs while trying to edit projects.

I've followed tutorials on "match color" which seems pretty easy, but only ONCE has it ever done what I expected it to do. Most of the time it is totally wonky. I've tried it on two separated parts of the same clip. I've tried it on the same exact clip with no luck. I color/saturation/exposure match the best my eye can see on the color board (I'm not super advanced yet) but it's always still a touch off. So frustrating and disappointing.

Also when I copy and paste a clip, the colors in each are different. confused smiley

Also when I copy the color/effect settings from one clip and paste them into subsequent clips, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Also when I manually type all the numbers into the color correction board, the clips often look very different, and more different the longer I wait between doing my attempted matching.

These inconsistencies are driving me batshit crazy as a new and self-taught user (with little help from youtube, but more help from macprovideo), and the results are many tears on my desk trying everything I can think of to troubleshoot something I'm still trying to learn how to use. There may not be simple answers here. Maybe the answer is learn Premiere, or quit trying to edit, maybe I'm doing something wrong or don't know about the secret settings.


Many thanks!

Re: "Match Color" and Colors of copied clips?
September 12, 2018 06:55PM
Hi Kyrina

Not many FCPX users on this forum any longer. Best to post over on Facebook's FCPX forum You will get an answer fast.


You need to join the group.

Creative Cow has a good forum too


Michael Horton
Re: "Match Color" and Colors of copied clips?
September 12, 2018 09:52PM
THANK YOU! I just asked that as you answered.
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